Save you from yourself.

Go figure that clever you would catch on to clever me trying to pull a fast one on you.
Didn’t get it past you.
Only want what’s best for you….
Worried that your color blue,
May be found in a pill form too&
Sail out in the ocean blue
Of hypnotic.
I hear it.
I see it.
My gut can feel it.
But I don’t want to believe it.
Never thought I’d see the day…
You’d get lost after having found the way.
The key within yourself,
But those external take you down a different path.
Neverending is her majesty’s wrath,
That psychopath.
Don’t even let myself start with that.
Though it started with her.
Now she’s got your vision re-blurred.
Take in these words,
I know you see the hidden meaning,
and only you can make the choice.
I just had to be voiced,
I speak now and forever hold my peace
I know I tried for YOU.


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